Paul Illia Boronka

Wednesday, 23 March 2016



Today: Brrrr, with a chance of more brrrrr.
Isn't that a kick in the banana! ur maybe, coconuts!
Yesterday I told you all about how this structure was built a 'wee-bit-to-late'.
Woke up to rain, turned to ice, snow falling, and more for tonight and tomorrow.
"Bbbuurrrr!" (gotta say that aloud through vibrating lips)
So, *cough oops* well done GrandLinq, nice-n-toasty and dry inside there today I bet. yup!

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Wonderful Photograph

That mysterious steel structure


Okie okie, everyone knows what it is.
They (Grand-Linq ...pfft oh so clever) have enclosed the section of tracks they need to work on 
during the cold, cold winter. Yup, and it was Monday (yesterday the 21st of March *cough* Spring) 
that it was finally finished and made able to close itself off from the cold, cold elements and be heated. 
Well done C of K and partners, HA!

Constantin maybe, me ....nope.

Yeah so ummmmm, that shadow resembled a cross and nothing more.
Maybe one day I get a 'slight-burned-toast' which has Christ's silhouette on it.
Although I would not save it, I would definitely eat it. 
Mmmmmm-nom-nom-nom! Love me some toast!


What caused it? Oh, glad you asked, okie....
A lot of houses around my block have been going up for sale. The absolutely huge 1920's era house directly across from mine was renovated, had massive landscaping done and put up for sale too. 
One of the old trees was removed which opened up a new area for sunlight to shine.
So there you have it. For the first time in god-only-knows (ask him) how long, the sun can now cast a shadow of our street sign.
Yup, a Stop sign topped with two separate Name signs casts this new reliquary for hope.