Paul Illia Boronka

Thursday, 4 February 2016

So, guess why I'm baffled today....

Well Paul, I am glad you asked. Around here I seem to be the only person that loves Jarlsberg cheese! Yeah, I know right, wow! They don't know what they're missing It's one of the finest, most delicious food products ever made!
Remember the NY Deli in Niagara Falls...yup, that one... and how you and I would always go there for meats and stuff. It was/is a real authentic deli right here/there in Niagara Falls.
Hahaha ...we always bought a pound or more sliced nice and thin, because for some reason the thinner the slice the better taste. Mmmm!

I found a picture of the place. Can you believe it?!
There it is in this plaza, right in middle with the orange sign with white letters.

Maybe I should place an ad in the paper. "Wanted, someone to eat Jarlsberg cheese with". hehehehe, that's funny. Ok, I'm off to buy some cheese, yup!

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