Paul Illia Boronka

Sunday, 21 June 2015

The Birds, Update of the Peregrines, Yup!

You were born in the hospital on the right, and the birdies are up in the tower on the left.

And that shadow is me with my gross-r-e bag. LoL! Gross-R-E! yup!

Look at King St. All ripped up building the new ION light rail transit line. Exciting stuff, I love me some cool transit ride!

Closer to the hospital.

The arrow is pointing to the box (the nest) where our bird family lives.

Another photo of the tower. You can see the CKCO-TV building of which the tower is part off.

Beautiful weather here this weekend, yup!

And just for some flavour, here is a photo of Stonehenge with many people there for the summer solstice I guess.

I really hope there will a chance for me to travel the globe some day soon. There are so many wonderful sights / places / countries I'd love to see one day. 1st on my list will be Egypt and King Tut.

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