Paul Illia Boronka

Thursday, 1 January 2015

I started to write again

A Sleeping Star

I found a sleeping star
I cuddled it with love
I hummed a song or two
Inspired by grace and love.

Always looking up at the sky
How slow time can pass
When one has pain and observes emptiness
Still the aches and sadness have not passed
Missing you, us all en masse.

Seeing the rainbows through our wet tears
Somehow they cover us for now; from our pain and fears
We bring you a simple gift; for you to keep and to hold
It's the rainbows which always appear
When we pray for a day; when we shall meet again.

Now for you we share our rainbows
They wrap around us, lessening our sadness
Looking through our rainbows
We come together; you are always with us we know
We reflect on the past with the passion of a hope
When you hear us as we sing
Know the reason, we sing for you

The star has awoke and risen once again
It covers us all with love and security
We are inspired, hopeful once again by graces we share
We hold each other dearly; pushing away the fear
We know you are here with us
And waiting to see us again.
Together we'll sing songs and try to carry on.

-me (aka) Mark Edward Lee ....yep-yep.

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