Paul Illia Boronka

Sunday, 28 December 2014


Apple is an apple and sighs.
Apple would like to become a man.
Things do not start off well.
Apple falls on his nose.
Apple rolls, he would like to walk.
Apple rolls, he would like to fly.
Apple rolls, he would like to swim ...
To be something else ... differently ...
In the end, Apple will choose to be an apple ... just an apple.

-Inspired by haikus written in Quebec and in France.

Friday, 26 December 2014

Remember that butterfly conservatory? well umm

Yep, that was an enjoyable afternoon out (inside) watching 'cough' nature.
 Yep ur right, this is not a butterfly, duh, I know that thank you.
It's said to be an Attacus Atlas moth..

A MOTH! Wot da! That's just crazy talk!
Look at those wings, left tip has the head of a snake and the right side has the head of a vulture.
Imagine taking a walk on some sunny day and this, this, bla-sick monster chose to land on me!
Yep, x-zac-lee!
I would be scared stiff with shit my pants.   

Monday, 15 December 2014

QE2 says: "Paul did Wot?!"

Hey, when I was with Lyz over the weekend enjoying some tasty little treats with her I figured it was the right time to tell her Maj the reason you were not with me for our Buckingham Palace visit. As you can see, she was not amused. She told me that she's gonna give you "the-what-for" face to face soon enough.
I do think that you have some time before that comes. She is in rather good health and still sharp as hell.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Words and Laughter

In the video Peter mentions the name "Sheneneh":. Which was a character in a comedy sitcom.
Then Cleveland finds the name funny and in the back ground, out of nowhere, you hear him start laughing and then repeating the name "Sheneneh". Paul always did the vary same thing.

When Paul heard a word that sounded funny to him, no matter where he was or whatever he was doing at the time, right away you could hear Paul start laughing while repeating it..
Always made me / everyone burst into laughter as well.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Paul Illia Boronka - That smile! Well, a smirk really. LoL!

Beloved son of Zarie and Karen. Loving brother of Joe, Lily (Brian) Freiburger, John (Renee), Peter (Lizi), George, Daniel (Irina). Cherished uncle to his 24 nieces and nephews. He will be missed by his canine companion, Lexie.   

And me, and everyone else who ever got to know him!