Paul Illia Boronka

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Here's for favour birdies

You probably already know this, (you can see everything from where you are) but I'll tell you anyway.  Look! look, look! Your "Aww, so beautiful" peregrine falcons came back again to start a family up in the CTV news tower. I think they have already started teaching the wee-little-ones how to fly. Remember watching them? Yeah, me too.

Monday, 16 April 2018


I remember telling my mother that getting older doesn't bother me. I want the whole "living" experience. I know how it feels being a kid; a teenager, young adult, mid-life, almost (*cough* LoL!) older adult.etc, etc.

She said, well that seems reasonable, but for me (mom) getting older brings pain that you had never felt before. Didn't think much about that statement, ya know, everything gets somewhat harder to do as we age and pain is part of that.

-- Oh so......

No that I have reached this time period of my life I realized that the 'PAIN' we feel when we get older isn't just typical body aches + pain, but something far, far more painful.

The pain she was referring to is the "Pain" from losing the people you love.
When someone who you have loved forever is gone. There is a pain of grieving that nothing in this world can wipe away.

Saturday, 31 December 2016

NYE In N.F. 1997

Reminds me of that one New Years Eve of 1997.
You remember, the one we all went down to the brink of the Falls
where everything was 'happening' on that NYE.
Live music, light displays that were amazing, and fireworks being let off constantly!

And then when it all came to the pinnacle for the NYE countdown,
You and I looked at each other and broke out laughing.....
We both were covered in a layer of ice, LoL-LoL1

Being right by the Falls for the entire evening in minus 20, the Fall's spray 
coated everyone from head to toe in ice! hahahaha, funny stuff!

This New Years marks 25 years of us being friends, Wow! that's a long time!
Happy New Year and all that stuff, We all still miss having you around!  

We kind of looked like these two by the Falls LoL!

Sunday, 25 December 2016

I am speaking for everyone who has been lucky enough
to have been gifted with your friendship......

Merry Christmas Paul
You've given us all wonderful memories we reflect back on today!

Saturday, 19 November 2016


Looks like the Light Rail line is coming together very well. This is the latest picture of some of the progress,

Anywhoooo, we got our first bit of snow this evening.
Brrr!  Lol-Lol!

Miss you!

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Lucky charms

Hey you. happy Wednesday
So, since the last time we 'talked' I have
taken my evening walks and guess how
many shaggy mane mushrooms I found.....
0, zip, none ...not one to be found.

While looking at many lawns for the mushrooms I remembered this. It's kind of funny. Years and years ago I bought a real four leaf clover for  'good luck' from somewhere and put in my wallet.
Then, (swear to God!) I lost my wallet!

Miss you

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Puppy dog preseasoned my tasty treats. Bad puppy, bad, LoL!

Hi, how's it going? Yeah ....great you say! I figured as much. LoL! Still miss you tho!

As you know, this is the time of year we'd go out looking for those delicious lil' fungus treats ...the shaggy mane mushroom. Mmmmmm!

Well, again this year like last year, I had a few spring up in the front lawn. Oh yeah, and they were looking goooood! But.... guess what happened.
Warning, it's a very sad story........

Someone walking their cute little doggie let it take a whizzz on MY mushrooms!
Yeah I know right! Ewwww! And then....oh yeah it gets worse. The puppy sniffed
around MY mushrooms and then......! The puppy trampled all of the mushrooms!
Oh the humanity! I was devastated, almost broke down in tears LoL! Bad puppy, bad, LoL!

I guess I'll have to wander around the area looking for some that haven't been laid to waste
by those monster puppies in our neighborhood. LoL Puppies!

I'll let you know how I do with finding some 'un-peed-on' tasty treats. Miss ya! 

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Good Morning Mr. Brightside!

Most of the tulips along the side of my house have already started to bloom. But I'm guessing that you can see that from where you are! (heehee)
So I picked one that stood out amongst all of the others. It's beautiful, and it's for you!

Wednesday, 23 March 2016



Today: Brrrr, with a chance of more brrrrr.
Isn't that a kick in the banana! ur maybe, coconuts!
Yesterday I told you all about how this structure was built a 'wee-bit-to-late'.
Woke up to rain, turned to ice, snow falling, and more for tonight and tomorrow.
"Bbbuurrrr!" (gotta say that aloud through vibrating lips)
So, *cough oops* well done GrandLinq, nice-n-toasty and dry inside there today I bet. yup!

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Wonderful Photograph

That mysterious steel structure


Okie okie, everyone knows what it is.
They (Grand-Linq ...pfft oh so clever) have enclosed the section of tracks they need to work on 
during the cold, cold winter. Yup, and it was Monday (yesterday the 21st of March *cough* Spring) 
that it was finally finished and made able to close itself off from the cold, cold elements and be heated. 
Well done C of K and partners, HA!

Constantin maybe, me ....nope.

Yeah so ummmmm, that shadow resembled a cross and nothing more.
Maybe one day I get a 'slight-burned-toast' which has Christ's silhouette on it.
Although I would not save it, I would definitely eat it. 
Mmmmmm-nom-nom-nom! Love me some toast!


What caused it? Oh, glad you asked, okie....
A lot of houses around my block have been going up for sale. The absolutely huge 1920's era house directly across from mine was renovated, had massive landscaping done and put up for sale too. 
One of the old trees was removed which opened up a new area for sunlight to shine.
So there you have it. For the first time in god-only-knows (ask him) how long, the sun can now cast a shadow of our street sign.
Yup, a Stop sign topped with two separate Name signs casts this new reliquary for hope.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Making itself seen


"Hey you. Yeah YOU!  LoL!
See what's in the center of the picture I just took this morning?
A shadow that resembles a crucifix, a fairly large perfect cross.
I've been living in this house for 4 years now and I have never seen this before.
I took a look around and couldn't find anything that was casting this 'shadow'.
No kidding around, this came from seemingly nowhere.

Maybe it's a sign like when the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great in the 3rd century said he saw a 'cross' in the sky and than became the 1st Emperor of Rome to become a Christian.
You know me; I'm not the biggest fan of organize religion and 'gods' etc.
But I'll tell you, if these 'signs' keep appearing for me to discouver 
I may just have a change of heart like Constantine."

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Happy Fruit Dipped in Chocolate Day!

I got these for you. There were actually more of them but....
I ate some. Wot!?! Look at them, nomnomnomnommm! 

Friday, 12 February 2016

Mysterious steel structure covering part of King St, What could it be?

I know whatcha thinking; you're asking; 
"What is that steel skeleton that's going over and covering part of King St. at Victoria?"

Well, I'll tells-ya next time. I'll leave ya guessing for now. heeheehee.

Bye-Bye Mickie D

And that McDonald's just a bit down from the ol' 7-11....
Closed up and boarding up the windows.
Remember the last time you came to town; this is the place we met up.
You took a taxi from the downtown bus terminal to that McDonald's! Hahahah.
I also remember we both agreed the food wasn't so good, and expensive.
Maybe it is for the better they closed this Mickie-D.

One thing I truly miss, is going out to eat with you. *sniffles